29 October 2013

Phone-hacking Trial - Day 2

From left to right are the defendants in the dock at the Old Bailey: Ian Edmondson, Rebekah Brooks, Andy Coulson, Paul Kuttner, Clive Goodman, Cheryl Carter, Charlie Brooks and Mark Hanna - Image printed in Daily Mail

  • From the Guardian: 
A panel of approximately 80 potential jurors was called to court 12 and told the case could last up to six months. The judge, Mr Justice Saunders, acknowledged that such a length of time could cause significant disruption in people's lives but said jurors would need powerful reasons to be excused.
The judge said: "The trial concerns allegations of criminal conduct at the News of the World and Sun newspapers which preceded the closure of the paper."
More updates will be added to this page as links to information and factual reports of the trial proceedings are found.
  • Important news from @peterjukes, who is at the Old Bailey today, that live-tweeting is to be permitted when the prosecution begins to lay out its case this afternoon:
  • Later (and very important!) from @peterjukes:
 From James Cusick's report (above) a lovely comment from Mr Justice Saunders:
One potential juror told the judge she “felt a bit intimidated at the number of people in the courtroom”. Mr Justice Saunders reassured her, admitting: “So do I.”

  • As the jurors were being sworn in:

  • Mr Justice Saunders addressed the newly sworn-in jury:

  • On the issue of contempt of court and in the interest of a fair trial, Mr Justice Saunders told the jury:
  • And finally...:

  • Attorney General rules on the Private Eye cover: