29 November 2011

Leveson Inquiry: Hearings - Day 9


"I want this inquiry to mean something", not end up as "footnote in some professor of journalism's analysis of 21 century history." LJ Leveson in reply to A Rusbridger's submission to Inquiry.
Lord Justice Leveson

The Panel : top row (left to right)
  • Shami Chakrabarti, director of human rights group Liberty
  • George Jones, former Daily Telegraph political editor
  • Sir David Bell, former chairman of the Financial Times
Bottom row (Left to right)
  • Elinor Goodman, former Channel 4 political editor
  • Lord David Currie, former chairman of Ofcom
  • Sir Paul Scott-Lee, former West Midlands chief constable
  The proceedings are shown here live on the Leveson Inquiry website. 
BBC Democracy Live Leveson Inquiry live-feed here.

Full list of Core Participants to be found here. (Guardian Website)

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Copy of Restriction Order pertaining to the publishing of a witness statement ahead of time

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Tuesday November 29th 2011 (Hearing 8 record of Leveson Inquiry on this blog can be found here )

Today's witnesses:  Nick Davies, Paul McMullan, Richard Peppiatt

Profiles of today's witnesses : BBC News

Nick Davies

Full Witness Statement

From the Guardian Website:

"Nick Davies is the bestselling author of Flat Earth News, on falsehood and distortion in the media, and a former Journalist of the Year"
Video - Nick Davies on Phone-hacking, Murdoch and News of the World - Guardian

Nick Davies - Wikipedia 

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Highlights: Nick Davies Tells Leveson Inquiry Self-regulation 'Hasn't Worked' - Hacked Off

Gavan Reilly

"I was one of those who spoke up for self-regulation... I wouldn't any more." - at

Paul McMullan

Witness Statement Not yet Published on Leveson Inquiry Website 

From the Guardian Website:

"Former News of the World deputy features editor Paul McMullan has garnered little public support for the hack's cause while trying to defend the trade in heated TV exchanges with the likes of Hugh Grant and Steve Coogan. In his new stomping ground of Kent, he's not having much luck either, reports the Indy."

Video - Paul McMullan on BBC Newsnight 'Not a Big Deal' - Former News of the World Reporter on Phone-hacking

Video - BBC News - Hugh Grant Speaking About His Revealing Conversation With Paul McMullan 

Audioboo/Paul McMullan on a Culture of Illegality - from @lisaocarroll

BBC News - Journalists Addressing Media Enquiry 

Video of Paul McMullan in Interview in Holland Speaking About the Milly Dowler Phone-hacking 

Live Blog of Paul McMullan's Evidence from Guardian

Beginning his Evidence, McMullan announced that he was at journalism college with Michael Gove. McMullan is 'proud' of the fact that he came out near the top of the class and Michael Gove near the bottom.

Wikipedia Page of Denholm Elliott, and Mention of McMullan's Link with His Daughter - (McMullan Was Asked About this Story Today at the Leveson Inquiry) 

McMullan: 'Hacking of Milly Phone Was Honourable' - Press Gazette 

'Coulson Brought Hacking Wholesale to NotW' - Press Gazette

Video - Paul McMullan: Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson Knew About Phone-hacking' - Telegraph

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Former NotW Editor Unapologetic About hacking - AM - (Australian Radio Station)

Zoe Timmers

Staggering honesty from on Denham Elliott's daughter & what article may have led to.'I went too far on that story'.

Keir Simmons

Paul McMullan claims police officer asked for 30,000 pounds to tell them where Princess Diana was.  
Keir Simmons

Paul McMullan says NoW phone rang all the time 'It is the British public that were supplying us with the vast majority of stories for money'

Richard Peppiatt

 Full Witness Statement

 From the Guardian Website - March 2011

"In a resignation letter, Richard Peppiatt said he was leaving after the Star gave sympathetic coverage to the far-right English Defence League last month.
Peppiatt admits producing a number of fictional stories about celebrities during his two years at the tabloid, a practice he implies was sanctioned by his seniors.
The reporter, who was once made to dress up in a burqa, now accuses the paper of inciting racial tensions and Islamaphobia. "You may have heard the phrase 'the flap of a butterfly's wings in Brazil sets off a tornado in Texas'," Peppiatt wrote to the proprietor, Richard Desmond, in a letter seen by the Guardian."

Full Copy of Richard Peppiatt's Resignation Letter to Richard Desmond on Leaving the Express Newspaper - Guardian

Video - Richard Peppiatt - Do We Get the Press We Deserve? - 4thought.tv

Daily Star Reporter resigns With a Stinging Letter to Desmond - Minority Thought Blog

The Mail Was 'As Dirty As Anyone' - New Statesman

Daily Star: Airports Facing Turban Warfare (mentioned today) 

BBC News - Journalists Addressing Media Enquiry 

Richard Peppiatt: My Phone Was hacked by Tabloid Figure' - Press Gazette

james robinson
Peppiatt: facts selected to fit ideological outlook of paper

Article in Daily Star Mentioned Today bt Richard Peppiatt

Hacked off
Peppiatt: calls from readers a barometer of what was popular, eg phone poll on EDL got over 2000 calls, a lot (often <10)

Story in Daily Star Mentioned by R Peppiatt
 Ruling by PCC against Daily Star

Hacked off
Peppiatt: any journalist who reads the Daily Star will see a lot of it has come from Daily Mail the day before, same lines taken

Hacked off
Peppiatt: most of tabloid journalism not a truth-seeking enterprise, much of it ideologically driven, sensationalise & sell paper

Ross Hawkins
Richard Peppiatt at : made up story about Kelly Brook for £150 bonus
Story About Kelly Brook in Daily Star Mentioned Today by Richard Peppiatt

james robinson
Peppiatt: Pseudonyms used at Star to disguise fact paper has very few reporters include 'Laura Neil' and 'Jack Bell'