11 February 2012

Sun Spots #2

 Saturday, 11th February  (Updated Sunday 12th, Monday 13th)  2012

( Details and links to articles, comment on previous arrests HERE )

Image From Sky News Website

Mags W
Eight people arrested- journalists from The Sun and police officers

Mags W
Police search east London offices of News International + homes of eight arrested over bribe allegations

Dan Sabbagh
Dominic Mohan is "not resigning" says one source. But is "obviously a dramatic day for him". You can say that again.

Dan Sabbagh
Rupert Murdoch was not told of Sun arrests ahead of today, nor was James Murdoch, nor was Dominic Mohan say News Corp sources

    Dan Sabbagh
    Dominic Mohan statement: "I'm as shocked as anyone by today's arrests but am determined to lead The Sun through these difficult times.

    Douglas Fraser

    Chris Bryant
    former dep ed of NOTW, Paul Connew, still doesn't get it, thinks police shd have close contacts with press - but paying for info is illegal

    Steve Mould
    "Sun will continue, says Murdoch". Finally some accurate science from News International.

    Video from Channel 4 News of interview with Tom Watson MP:

      Sean Hamilton
      Lots of Sun staff have come into work today regardless of rotas. Everyone is very determined to put out a great paper as usual.

      sunny hundal
      After reading T Kavanagh's piece you'd think Sun has never cheered on police to do same to Muslims later found innocent

      David Allen Green
      "Witch-hunt" (noun) - when the Metropolitan Police do something The Sun has not paid them for.

      The Sun's "poor us" article needs a hashtag: