17 February 2012

Rupert Murdoch Has Landed! Now what?

The media, Twitter users and bloggers are beside themselves today, indulging in sometimes delicious, sometimes anxious and gloomy speculation as to the outcome of Rupert Murdoch's visit to The Sun's premises for 'crisis talks' with staff there.

Murdoch flew to Britain from the US last night after days of news reports, rumour and comment from those involved intimately with The Sun and those watching bemusedly from the sidelines.

Rupert Murdoch arriving last night - (image from Metro)
Links to articles, information and comment relevant to The Sun's present predicament:

Rupert Murdoch Arrives to Tackle Sun Crisis - Guardian Live Blog - Josh halliday and Lisa O'Carroll

1:09 p.m. Guardian Live Blog:
In an email to staff at the Sun, Rupert Murdoch has said that all arrested staff will have their suspension lifted and return to work.
The email says:
We will build on the Sun's proud heritage by launching the Sun on Sunday very soon.
He adds:
We're doing everything we can to assist those who are arrested. All suspensions are hereby lifted until or whether charged an they are welcome to return to work. Everyone is innocent until proven otherwise.
We will obey the law. Illegal activity simply cannot and will not be tolerated at any of our publications.
I am staying with you all in London for the next several weeks to give you my unwavering support.
Full Email from Rupert Murdoch Now on Guardian Live Blog HERE 

Sky News - 1:00 p.m. - Murdoch: Sun on Sunday Newspaper Coming Soon 

Rupert Murdoch arrived in London last night ahead of a visit to Wapping. Photograph: Facundo Arrizabalaga/EPA
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Murdoch jets in to Sun crisis summit: Internal probe accuses staff of paying policemen £10,000-a-year 'retainers' (as mutinous reporters go to law over their human rights) 

Sun Employs Paper Sellers Outside Wapping Headquarters - (image from @SophyRidgeSky )
 Earlier News International chief executive Tom Mockridge arrived by foot and exchanged brief pleasantries with reporters but declining to comment on Murdoch's plans for the day.Staff are expecting Murdoch to tour the Sun offices at 2pm today and offer personal assurances of his commitment to the paper as proprietor.The air of anticipation here is tainted by the anger continuing to be felt over the decision of an internal investigations unit, the management and standards committee, to hand over the names of confidential sources of Sun journalists to the police."If all he does is say to staff that he is still committed to the Sun, it won't be enough. People are furious with the MSC. What they did was extraordinary and maybe illegal," said one journalist at News International this morning.
Tom Mockridge - News International Chief Executive (image from Guardian)
Full Text News Int CEO's Email to Staff After Sun Arrests - Guardian
Interesting Article from 12 August 2011 - re Mockridge's Past History - Financial Review

Saturday, 18th February: