1 July 2013

Look behind you, Mr. Kavanagh!

Isn't that the @GuidoFawkes blog?
This morning's edition of The Sun carries the latest volley in its unremitting personal onslaught against Lord Justice Leveson as well as the ongoing process of negotiation towards a workable system of press regulation.

Trevor Kavanagh's piece follows hot on the heels of one written in a similar vein in the Mail on Sunday this weekend.

Mr. Kavanagh, in a typically hyperbolic and disingenuous tone, begins:
Do these 'close pals' actually exist? Would they really confide in the editor of a paper owned by Rupert Murdoch, the man partly responsible (allegedly) for the need for the Leveson Inquiry in the first place?

The article goes on to repeat several instances (thrice denied by Lord Justice Leveson himself) of perceived impropriety and incompetence which have been used by various newspapers recently to disparage Lord Justice Leveson, his report and the credibility of the Inquiry as a whole. 

But I have a warning for Mr. Kavanagh and the other editors and owners of the press who are trying to manipulate politicians, as well as their readers, into accepting the status quo of press regulation:-

A cartoon by Gerald Scarfe

To continue your panto theme: it was owners, editors and journalists who rubbed the lamp and allowed the genie to escape.

No amount of fruitless, Widow Twankey-like huffing and puffing will stuff it back from whence it came! It's out for good.....