14 October 2011


As I write this, there is really not much else contained within the political pages of the broadsheets this morning. I can hardly believe that we’re still reading the revelations that are spilling out and yet Fox  still remains in his job. Isn’t this embarrassing for the Conservative party..   and how will Cameron be judged for letting this matter carry on for so long ?  But why has it carried on for so long? 
One thing that some of us may have forgotten is that Dr. Liam Fox was,  and still remains,  a strong Thatcherite.  The Conservative right hold him in great affection, and view Cameron  as a liberal Tory.  The Telegraph has never truly backed Cameron,  much preferring the Thatcherite politicians.   Therefore, before taking drastic action, Cameron really needs the cards to stack up against Fox and that is certainly what is happening this morning!   And to give Cameron the opportunity he has required, the Telegraph has come out with some force against Fox this morning.  Even that paper can’t stomach much more of Fox !  At the end of the day, the Telegraph will put the party first.  I wonder if Cameron will… 

Strange, though, how the Tories cling on, with all their might,  to what they hold with affection…  even to some detriment.  They never learn, such is their arrogance.

Anyone watching BBC Question Time last evening will have noticed how much cynicism, mistrust and dislike there was from the audience towards the Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley.  Not much affection there then… 

As the programme began, Lansley sat there with a smug expression on his face as if he might be thinking  “I got the bill through the Lords, nothing can touch me now”.  Well if that is what he was thinking, he couldn’t have been more wrong… 

Oh yes, the first question was about Fox & Werritty..  that will have put him in the comfort zone …  Then  bang ! The boxing gloves came out ! 

Not towards Fox & Werritty though – aimed at Lansley ! Well and truly.  The next 30 minutes were taken up by the audience asking serious and sincere questions about the potential collapse of the National Health Service.  If anyone was in any doubt whether the NHS is a beloved part of British life, then they will no longer be mistaken after watching that programme.   

From the Guardian this morning:

"NHS cuts protesters demand Lansley resignation at BBC filming – video

Protesters angry about reforms and cuts to the NHS last night marched on a university theatre, to demonstrate against the health secretary, Andrew Lansley's appearance on the BBC politics programme Question Time, which was being filmed there"  

Video link from Guardian here.

What remains to be seen is if this mistrust and cynicism continues.  As we see privatisation take over, profits come before patients,  I don’t think it will merely continue – I believe it will grow.

But the press just hasn’t touched the public mood in response to the changes that this government is intent on introducing.  And they wonder why fewer people are buying their rags?  When will these editors and newspaper owners realise that people don’t want lies and bias – they want the papers to reflect their views, their feelings…   To quote an old adage – it isn’t exactly rocket science is it ?    However, praise where praise is due – there has been some good investigative journalism this week regarding Fox & Werritty.  Maybe all is not lost after all.

 And as a result, perhaps, the fight for Fox to retain his position as Secretary of State for Defence may well be nearing the end, but there is no mistake that the fight for the soul of the NHS is near the end…  in fact I feel the fight might even just be about to commence! 

by Mags W.