2 March 2011

Journalists, Public Unite Against Murdoch Threat.

There is today a renewed campaign to influence Government and the public against the move by Rupert Murdoch to gain overall control of BSkyB. 

On Twitter (: An Avaaz.org e-petition currently with over 90 000 signatures ), in the House of Lords: (Lord Prescott speaks against the transfer of shares to Murdoch prior to conclusion of the phone-hacking cases ) and in the wider media world: (Evening Standard ), voices are raised against this proposal. 

One new but strong voice is that of the NUJ which joins with the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom  and plan a demonstration for the day of the announcement by Jeremy Hunt, Minister for Culture, Media and Sport and have called for supporters to join them The announcement is expected this week.

Pressure was being brought to bear on Jeremy Hunt to refer the proposed take-over to the Competition Commission for a final decision, but as reported here, behind the scenes negotiations to hive off Sky News, or place it under the auspices of an 'independent' Trust, have been taking place to negate the need for the Commission to make a judgement.

Should Rupert Murdoch not succeed in his aim for full ownership of BSkyB, it will not be because of lack of guile, nor support in high places...

Rosie Robertson