19 April 2012

Tom Watson and Martin Hickman Book Out Today

'Dial M for Murdoch', written by Tom Watson MP, and Martin Hickman, journalist at the Independent - published today.

Tom Watson made an announcement on Twitter which was a pleasant surprise for many and an unwelcome one for some:-

Excited to announce: "Dial 'M' for Murdoch - News Corporation and the corruption of Britain" available from Thursday:
It elicited a variety of responses from the Twitter community:-

@robmcgibbon (Daily Mail columnist):
Oh dear, I hear that publishes a book about Phone Hacking this week. I fear that a touch of vanity may un-do some good work

Congratulations. Looking forward to it.
Keep ur eyes peeled this Thurs 4 the launch of 's explosive & much awaited "Dail M for Murdoch" see details

Tom Watson & Martin Hickman attend London press conference tomorrow morning for their anticipated book Dial M for Murdoch. Details on site.

Tom Watson, MP
Martin Hickman, Independent
Several articles about the book appeared on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week:-
(Interesting missing titles.....!)

Final entry in the pre-publication selection of pieces (and offered with no grace whatsoever) is by a blogger who has recently begun, with his oppo Harry Cole, to scribble a column each Sunday in the Daily Star - Paul Staines (Guido Fawkes):-
LABOUR’S deputy chairman Tom Watson has had stick from his own side about the state of the party’s campaign machine following their Bradford defeat to George Galloway. Given Watson spent last week tweeting about having beers and time off, many have been wondering what he is doing. Guido can reveal Tom has been putting the finishing touches to a book about his campaign against phone hacking, which will be launched next week. With the title still a secret, Watson has summoned the nation’s media to a press conference to promote it. With tough local elections on May 3 colleagues are questioning his priorities and rather wish he would put more time and effort into his less glamorous day job of winning elections.  
April 19th - Thursday, day of publication:
@GuidoFawkes: Twitter 9:54 a.m. - 
Watson Spins Divorce as Murdoch’s Fault: Tom Watson is blaming Rupert Murdoch for the break down of his marriage...
Neville Thurlbeck

 >>> More HERE
'In other News':
Duncan Larcombe giving evidence at the Leveson Inquiry

@theboylatch: (Tom Latchem)
Duncan Larcombe is a top man & one of most popular people at The Sun. His arrest has gone down as well as Rebekah Brooks at a NOTW reunion.
April 20th: