14 March 2013

Arrests, stalled talks and an apology. Leveson re-ignited!

Lord Justice Leveson with the Leveson Report
Just when you thought the phone-hacking scandal had begun to die down, today has seen a sudden surge in activity from the Police, politicians and the press itself:-

1. Arrests of more journalists:-

    Four top journalists from the Mirror Group of papers are arrested in 'dawn raids'. - BBC News
    Former Sunday Mirror Staff Arrested by Hacking Police - Evening Standard
    Mirror Group Editor and Deputy Arrested in Phone-hacking Investigation - Independent

2. Former Police Officer charged:- 

Former Police Sergeant James Bowes Charged With Selling Information to the Sun - Independent
Daily Mail

3. David Cameron pulls abruptly out of cross-party talks on a plan for press regulation with Miliband and Clegg :-
    Cameron Accuses Other Parties of Posturing After Leveson Talks Collapse - Guardian
    Leveson Talks Break Down, David Cameron to Force Commons Vote on Royal Charter - HuffPo
    Leveson Talks: Why Intransigent Cameron Must Risk a Commons Vote - Guardian
    David Cameron's Press Conference on Leveson: Politics Live Blog - Guardian
    Video: Cameron Calls Crunch Commons Vote on Leveson After Talks Break Down - Telegraph
    David Cameron Walks Away from Cross-Party Leveson Talks - Hacked Off
    Index on Censorship Responds to Collapse of Leveson Press Reform Talks - Index
And finally.... :-

4. From The Sun, yet another apology/correction for Gordon Brown wrung from its reluctant Editor:-
    Super Soaraway Sorry - Four Times - Zelo Street Blog 

All of these stories (except, perhaps for the last one!) are gathering momentum and will no doubt fill hundreds of column inches for the next few days.

From me, a plea to journalists: There are more than those well-publicised 'victims' of bad journalism with a real interest in the outcome of the press-regulation debates, you know - the vast majority of the British public would be better served by a press committed to honesty, accuracy and balance.
Breathe some restorative oxygen into our ailing Democracy?