25 March 2014

Phone-hacking Trial - Day 76 - change of cast!

Clive Goodman (image via Guardian)
Clive Goodman was still unwell yesterday and unable to attend court.
A full account of Thursday's events in Court 12 at the Old Bailey can be found HERE.

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    Today's proceedings begin:
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    Via James Doleman ( @jamesdoleman )


    Cheryl Carter - 1st Day in Witness Box:

    Cheryl Carter - former PA to Rebekah Brooks (image from Mail)
    Trevor Burke QC, Defence Counsel for Cheryl Carter
    Rebekah Brooks and her former PA Cheryl Carter (image from Independent)
    Cheryl Carter wrote a 'beauty column' on The Sun (image from The Times)
    (Nick Mays was the archivist at NI)
    Cheryl Carter with Sue Moxley (another 'beauty editor' at The Sun) - image from Evening Standard
    Deborah Weir and her daughter Rebekah Brooks (Reuters image)


    Dominic Mohan (image from The Sun)
    ('Motson' = Moxley)
    James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks (image from Guardian)