19 March 2011

"Journalist Wall of Shame "

This is a website dedicated to the less than helpful or edifying journalism its creator has seen since the Japan eathquake of last Friday.

I'll let the site's creator speak for him/her self:

Why Bad Journalism Has Driven Me To Desperate Ends

In retrospect, I should have had this idea before, but I guess today I just hit critical mass (not sure if it’s appropriate to use a nuclear energy turn of phrase here): one too many pieces of bad journalism.

So I decided to start a wiki Bad Journalism Wall of Shame and invite some of the other people who were frustrated with some of the shoddy, alarmist, and shocking wrong journalism we’ve seen since last Friday’s Tohoku quake.

I take everything I read with a grain of salt these days, and have for many years.  When I read an article or see a television report that makes sensational claims, I try to fact check on my own, because I no longer trust most journalists to have done it for me.  

One glance at the list of newspapers included on the site shows that the British press does not escape criticism!

There are examples of articles covering the Japanese eathquake, tsunami and subsequent nuclear emergency, and reasons why the contributors find them particularly reprehensible.

Rosie Robertson