4 March 2014

Phone-hacking Trial - Day 62

Day 8 of Rebekah Brooks' Defence:

Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson at Tory Party Conference in 2008 (image Daily Mail)
Full account of  Monday's proceedings HERE. (All of the links to articles and information published on that day can be found on that page, too.)

Good background information:

Hacking Trial and background - Flipboard compilation from Peter Jukes

Very helpful phone-hacking trial information and reference compilation:

Latest links:
9:52 a.m. Tuesday:-
Daryl Jorsling

Today's phone-hacking trial proceedings begin:
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Jonathan Laidlaw QC - Defence Counsel for Rebekah Brooks
Cheryl Carter, PA to Mrs Brooks (image via Guardian)

Tom Watson MP (image from Guardian)
Tom Newton Dunn (political editor, The Sun)
15 min break
Cheryl Carter (left) pictured in The Sun

Colin Myler with the News of the World employees on the night it closed
Colin Myler with the last edition of The News of the World

Jonathan Caplan QC, Counsel for Stuart Kuttner
Stuart Kuttner
(18/04/91' = 18/04/01?)
('200s' = 2000s)
David Spens QC, Defence Counsel for Clive Goodman

Clive Goodman (image from Guardian)