12 March 2014

Phone-hacking Trial - Day 67

Rebekah Brooks' 13th Day in the Witness Box:

L/R - Tom Crone, Rebekah Wade (Brooks), Andy Coulson, Stuart Kuttner - CMS Select Committee

A full account of Tuesday's proceedings HERE. (All of the links to articles and information published on that day can be found on that page, too.)

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    Mark Hanna (image via BBC News)


    Will Lewis (image from Guardian)
    Rebekah Brooks and James Murdoch (image via Guardian)
    Rebekah Brooks and Tony Blair (image via HuffPo)
    Cheryl Carter, R Brooks' PA (image via Guardian)
    Rebekah Brooks, GW Bush


    John Witherow (image via Guardian)
    Charlie Brooks in underground carpark with package
    Rebekah and Charlie Brooks with their security staff following R. Brooks' arrest


    Jonathan Laidlaw QC
    ('can' = can't)