2 April 2014

Phone-hacking Trial - Day 82

Mark Hanna's 2nd day in the Witness Box:

Images released by Mark Hanna's Defence team, seen by Jury yesterday. (images posted by @robindbrant )
Yesterday, Mark Hanna began to present his case against the charges brought by the Prosecution. In answer to earlier evidence given by Robert Hernandez (a junior member of Hanna's security team) that Hanna 'confessed' to having dug a hole in his garden and burnt documents which would incriminate people working for NI, the images above were produced. They purport to show that Hanna would not need to dig a hole to burn material. Hanna denies having burnt anything from NI, whether incriminating or not.
A full account of yesterday's proceedings can be found HERE


Today's proceedings begin:
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Deborah Weir and her daughter Rebekah Brooks
Lee Sandell, former NI security guard (image Daily Mail)

Mark Hanna, in Charlie Brooks' Land Rover with Brooks at left.
Mark Hanna retrieved Charlie Brooks' jiffy bag and laptop from behind bins.


('transcribes' = transpires)


Andrew Edis QC, for the Prosecution

Lunch break


Paul Edwards, Rebekah Brooks' driver (image Daily Mail)