3 March 2014

Phone-hacking Trial - Day 61

Day 7 of Rebekah Brooks' Defence:

Rebekah Brooks (image from Independent)
Full account of  Friday's proceedings HERE. (All of the links to articles and information published on that day can be found on that page, too.)

Good background information:

Hacking Trial and background - Flipboard compilation from Peter Jukes

Very helpful phone-hacking trial information and reference compilation:

Latest links:

Today's proceedings begin:
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L/R: Charlie Brooks, Rebekah Brooks, James Murdoch
Gordon Taylor (image from Guardian)

Max Clifford (image via Daily Mail)
('seen' = since)
Glenn Mulcaire (image via Guardian)
('not' = note)
Julian Pike from Farrers legal firm - image shows him giving evidence at Leveson Inquiry
Frederic Michel, News Corp lobbyist (image from Mirror)
('Saunders' = the Judge)

Lunch break.
Will Lewis (image from Press Gazette)

Andy Coulson and Prime Minister David Cameron (image from Guardian)