28 March 2014

Phone-hacking Trial - Day 79 - Charlie Brooks' Defence case begins..

The seven remaining Defendants
Today, it is expected the Jury will hear from two 'Witnesses of Fact' who will speak in Cheryl Carter's defence.

Justice Saunders told the Jury that Clive Goodman is still unable to continue as he needs further checks on his health. It is possible that the Prosecution will then begin to put the case against another of the Defendants.

You can find a full account of yesterday's proceedings and links to articles and information HERE.

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Today's proceedings begin:
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Colin Myler on the night the NotW closed (Telegraph image)


Sharon Hendry (image from sandsmediaservices.com)
Cheryl Carter





Charlie Brooks - Day 1 in Witness Box:

Charlie Brooks (image from the Sunday Times)


Neil Saunders QC

Wikipedia page for Cryotherapy

('Toaster' = Towcester)
Sportsmail's Ian Wooldridge (image Daily Mail)

('Rhodean' = Roedean School)
Mark Hanna (image from zimbio.com)
James Weatherup (image brentwoodweekly news )

Lunch Break until 1:55 p.m.


Rupert Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks
Charles Dunstone owner of Carphone Warehouse (image from Guardian)
(date should be 08/07/11)
Deborah Weir (Rebekah Brooks' mother) and Charlie Brooks (image from Guardian)
Will Lewis and Rupert Murdoch (image from Zimbio)
Rebekah Brooks on the day she resigned - image from Guardian
James Murdoch