20 March 2014

Phone-hacking Trial - Day 73

Clive Goodman's 5th day in the Witness Box:

Yesterday, David Spens QC, Clive Goodman's Defence Counsel, ended his questions setting out his client's defence case. Today, it's expected that other Defendants' Counsels will take the opportunity to challenge Clive Goodman's evidence.

Andy Coulson and Clive Goodman (image from brunchnews.com)
Full coverage of yesterday's events in Court 12 of the Old Bailey can be found HERE

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Today's proceedings begin:
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Timothy Langdale QC (image via Daily Mail)


Stuart Kuttner (image from Telegraph)
Greg Miskiw (image from Daily Mail)
Neil Wallis (image from Guardian)

Lunch Break


Alex Marunchak (image from thejournal.ie)
Glenn Mulcaire (image from Mirror)
Greg Miskiw

Paddy Harverson (Guardian image)
Helen Asprey (image from Daily Mail)

Details of Operation Caryatid can be found on the Brown Moses blog: HERE