9 December 2013

Phone-hacking Trial - Day 26

Rebekah Brooks, former editor of The Sun. Image from the Guardian

Very helpful phone-hacking trial information and reference compilation:

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Peter Jukes commented that it looks very much as though this week will be a full week in court:
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Bettina Jordan Barber (image from zimbio.co.)
Information on 'Betsy' Jordan Barber's involvement in the Prosecution case against Rebecca Brooks is HERE .
Break for lunch.

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From the article above:
 Feinstein, who has often written for the Mail in the past, remains furious about the episode. She told me: "It's ironic, isn't it, that I was writing about Mandela, who stood up to oppression, and that the Mail, the bullies of Fleet Street, ripped off my interview. It's journalistic oppression and it's got to stop. It's just wrong."

End of proceedings for today.