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ICO on : "We strongly condemn the irresponsible publication" and describes it as "apparent breach" of DPA
10:34 :- ICO: Publication of files in this way "is a serious violation of many people’s privacy and raises more questions than it answers"
  • Key to explain abbreviations in Motorman Files:
From Independent: (September 2010)
'Blue book' Jargon buster
Breaking the code: Investigators at work
The 'Blue Book' details more than 1,000 transactions between the private investigator Steve Whittamore and News International publications. Each entry details the person making the request, the paper they work for, and the service requested. Here we explain some of the abbreviations and terms of reference and assess their legality:
CCJ Running a credit check, or seeing if a person has a county court judgment against them. Illegal? No, used by credit firms. 
Company Search Finding details of firms and their directors. Illegal? No.
Conv Finding out to whom a telephone number is registered. Illegal? Yes.
CRO Criminal records check. Illegal? Yes.
Dir Running a search on company directors. Illegal? No.
Endorsements Checking points on a driving licence. Illegal? Yes. F+F Identifying names of Friends and Family phone numbers. Illegal? Yes: requires giving false information.
HPI Running a hire purchase check on a car to establish ownership. Illegal? No.
Mob Conv Finding out to whom a mobile phone number is registered. Illegal? Yes.
T/P Obtaining details of phone bills. Illegal? Yes: requires giving false information.
Veh Reg Establishing ownership of a vehicle from its number plate. Illegal? Yes.
XD Obtaining an ex-directory number. Illegal? Yes.

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