5 March 2014

Phone-hacking Trial - Day 63

Day 9 of Rebekah Brooks in the Witness Box:

Late yesterday afternoon, Rebekah Brooks' Counsel, Jonathan Laidlaw QC, completed his questioning of Rebekah Brooks and this paved the way for her to face additional questions from Defence Counsels for the remaining Defendants. 
Andy Coulson's Counsel, Timothy Langdale QC,  declined to put any questions to Mrs Brooks. 
Jonathan Caplan, for Stuart Kuttner, spent only a short time posing a few questions. 
Then Clive Goodman's Counsel, David Spens, began a more lengthy period of examining Mrs Brooks' testimony and is expected to continue today.
A full account of  Tuesday's proceedings HERE. (All of the links to articles and information published on that day can be found on that page, too.)

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Today's proceedings begin:
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Clive Goodman (image from The Drum)
Colin Myler (image from Daily Mail)
Les Hinton
Daniel Cloke giving evidence at the Leveson Inquiry
Charlie Brooks (2nd from right)
Mark Hanna (image from Inforrm's blog)

Mr Justice Saunders, the Judge and Andrew Edis QC, lead Prosecution Counsel

Lunch break
Gordon Taylor (image from Guardian)

Dan Evans (image from Guardian)
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