20 January 2012

Leveson Inquiry: Witness Lists - 23rd - 26th January 2012

The Royal Courts of Justice
Latest Witness Lists 23rd - 26th January 2012  
(may be subject to last-minute alteration)

Monday 23rd January
John Battle ( Channel 4 News) 
Jim Gray (ITN)
Lord Patten (BBC)
Mark Thompson (BBC)

Witness Statements to be taken as read from:
Greg Dyke
Nicholas Eldred
Robert Peston
Nicholas Robinson
Richard Watson
Tom Bradby
Maggie Carver
Gary Gibbon
John Hardie
David Mannion
Matthew Hibbert

Tuesday 24th January
Inayat Bunglawala (Engage)
Fiona Fox (Science Media Centre)
Heather Harvey (Eaves Housing for Women)
Jonathan Heawood (PEN)
Jacqui Hunt (Equality Now)
John Kampfner (Index on Censorship)
Marai Larasi (End Violence Against Women)
Gary O'Shea
Ryan Parry
Anna Van Heeswijk (Object)
Stephen Waring

Wednesday 25th January
David Allen Green (Jack of Kent)
Mazher Mahmood (tbc)
Bob Crow (RMT Union)
Jonathan Grun (PA)
 Witness Statement to be read:
Roy Greenslade

2p.m. - Directions Hearing for Module 2  

Thursday 26th January
Richard Allan (Facebook)   
David-John Collins (Google)
Christopher Graham (ICO)
Daphne Keller (Google) 
Camilla Wright (Popbitch)  

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