27 February 2014

Phone-hacking Trial - Day 59

Day 5 of Rebekah Brooks' Defence:

Rebekah Wade (Brooks) and George W Bush (image from septicisle.info)

Full account of Wednesday's proceedings HERE. (All of the links to articles and information published on that day can be found on that page, too.)

Good background information:

Hacking Trial and background - Flipboard compilation from Peter Jukes

Very helpful phone-hacking trial information and reference compilation:

Latest links:

The Trial Continues:
(for a larger image of each tweet, click on the first one)

Jonathan Laidlaw QC (Defence Counsel for R. Brooks)
L/R Les Hinton, Andy Coulson, Rupert Murdoch, Rebekah Brooks
Daily Mail, April 2012: Morale-boosting: Rupert Murdoch talks to members of The Sun's editorial team earlier this year after a number of reporters were arrested
Bettina Jordan Barber
Lunch Break

Afternoon session begins:

('musical' = News Corp)