17 September 2012

Major Developments in Phone-hacking Scandal

Tom Watson on News International and Axe Murder Inquiry Debate in Westminster Hall Feb 29th

Earlier today, a rather cryptic tweet appeared in my Twitter timeline:

This was soon followed by an article in the new IndependentVoices by Tom Harper - HERE

Tom Harper

Exclusive: News of the World hired detective firm linked with murder to spy on Met Chief

Revealed: Yard had undercover officer inside Southern Investigations for 9 years. Derek Haslam claims police failed to act on his intelligence

Youtube recording of Haslam and Hurst phone-call : Via

An article on Alex Marunchak HERE - from Brown Moses Blog.

The background to the Daniel Morgan Murder and potential links to today's revelations, from Brown Moses Blog,  HERE .

More on Southern Investigations from BBC News HERE

Links, Comment and information connected to today's revelations will be posted regularly below:
  • Evening Standard version of Tom Harper's article HERE 
Tuesday, September 18th: