1 October 2013

Paul Dacre and Geoffrey Levy Owe the Miliband Family an Apology!

Last Friday, Geoffrey Levy wrote an 'essay' in the Daily Mail, headed :-

I won't link to the online piece, suffice it to say that it was an overtly vitriolic attempt to smear the Labour leader, Ed Miliband, through his father.

Many people expressed their dislike of Levy's article on social media. Ed Miliband himself was sufficiently upset by this slur on his father to tweet on Saturday:-
Tonight, Ed Miliband's Right of Reply letter was reproduced by Labour Press:

Ed Miliband: My Dad Was A Man Who Loved Britain

Comments from many who are impressed by the dignity of Miliband's letter appeared on Twitter.
Then it became abundantly clear that Paul Dacre, in an editorial for Tuesday's Mail, feels neither contrition nor sorrow over Geoffrey Levy's original article:-

The reaction of journalists and the public, to both right and left politically, has been enormous following the publication of Dacre's editorial and all but a very few have expressed disgust and anger.

Many people are aware that the Daily Mail has form in its support of far right-wing regimes and have tweeted evidence of this:-
There are several other examples of shocking articles like the above.

That Dacre could cheerfully denigrate the father of a political leader, whose beliefs do not match his or the leanings of his paper, also goes a very long way to illustrate the desperation of this editor to bring down Miliband for supporting the press regulation system backed by Lord Justice Leveson. 

Unfortunately for Dacre, his efforts serve only to show precisely why a different, much more ethical form of press regulation is needed....