21 March 2013

The Sun is incandescent....

Front page of The Sun, post-George Osborne's budget speech, 21st March
Showing its disapproval of the budget speech delivered today by Chancellor George Osborne, The Sun left its readers in no doubt that they would gain cold comfort from the Treasury for the near future!

Do those same readers, however, understand the barbed comment behind the 'Budget Coverage as Approved by the Ministry of Truth' banner? 

Ostensibly, those words mean that The Sun's details are completely accurate, whereas those watching carefully the behaviour of the papers since the apparently unfavourable Commons vote on Monday on regulation of the press, will be aware of a deeper, more vengeful sentiment.

On the 18th of March, The Sun's readers were treated to a very impressive, but startlingly hyperbolic image and quotation from Winston Churchill:-
The overt warning appeared on the very night when the cross-party group of politicians met in a last-ditch attempt to settle on a system of press regulation. It was accompanied by this article. 

Tomorrow, many of the nationals, except for the Daily Express and the Mail, carry very strong front pages too (they can be seen on the left of this #pressreform page) although none have elicited such shock from many Twitter users as that from The Sun:-
It looks as though all MPs will need to watch their backs from now on.....except perhaps Michael Gove and those few Tory MPs who voted against the Royal Charter!