15 March 2013

The Wallis Collection - or why the ex-NotW editor is Hacked Off.

Following the news yesterday that the cross-party talks on press regulation had collapsed, Neil Wallis, once an editor at the News of the World, has been doing the rounds of the TV studios.

Mr Wallis, arrested in July 2011 by police working on the Weeting phone-hacking investigation and told by the CPS in February 2013 that no charges would be brought, appeared yesterday on Channel 4 News and BBC Newsnight.
As Mr Wallis describes himself on his Twitter profile:-

This is a video recording of a speech Neil Wallis gave to journalism students at Leeds Trinity on February 27th 2013:-

Below is a video clip of one of the interviews from Channel 4 with Cathy Newman and Jacqui Hames:-