17 March 2013

Whistleblower - new leads for Police

Reports began to surface last night in the media of a surprising development which could make life difficult for Rupert Murdoch and News International, David Cameron in Monday's Commons debate on press regulation and the industry itself.
David Cameron, Rupert Murdoch - image from Guardian
From the Guardian:-
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From the Independent:-
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This new bombshell landed soon after it became known that, following the arrest and questioning of four serving and former editors at the Sunday Mirror on Friday, a former Daily Mirror Editor, Richard Wallace had been questioned under caution.
From the Guardian:
Richard Wallace and Tina Weaver at Leveson Inquiry - Guardian image
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Trinity Mirror Asks High Court to Dismiss Alleged Phone-hacking Claims - Guardian
Phone-hacking: First Serving National Newspaper Editor Arrested - Guardian

From the Mail Online:
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The Sunday papers will, no doubt, be full of the work of journalists desperate to make their case before the politicians debate and vote for a system of press regulation favourable to them.

Will the papers resort to smears against MPs, hoping to sway their votes?
Will they try to paint Hacked Off as a bunch of underhand, unscrupulous schemers out for revenge?

It will be fascinating to see which strategies they choose in a final push to preserve what they see as 'Press freedom'.....