30 October 2013

Phone-Hacking Trial - Day 3

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Outside Old Bailey this morning - Image from Andy Davies, Channel 4 News
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Important news about the Press Regulation challenge by Pressbof:

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Response to failure of PressBoF bid to block cross-party charter
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In response to the failure of the latest attempt by PressBoF to block reform of press self-regulation, Hacked Off’s executive director Brian Cathcart said:
“The big newspaper companies like the Mail and the Murdoch press have been in denial ever since the Leveson inquiry report condemned the way they treated ordinary people and said they needed to change.
“The inquiry judge has told them this. Their own readers – the public – have told them. Their past victims have told them. Every single party in Parliament has told them. Now the courts have thrown out their latest manoeuvre.
“We have to ask: is there anyone at all that Rupert Murdoch and the other arrogant proprietors will listen to?
“The Royal Charter is good for journalism, good for freedom of speech, and – vitally – good for the public. What Mr Murdoch and his friends are clinging to is the right to lie, twist, bully and intrude, inflicting misery on innocent people. That has to stop.”
Reaction from Niall Paterson of Sky News:
And from The Sun:
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Back to the Old Bailey, where the Crown Prosecution is due to begin setting out its case in the phone-hacking trial at 2:00 p.m. :

For excellent factual reporting on the Prosecution's opening statement, please follow the Twitter accounts of those listed above.

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Image from Sky News
Left to right:
Greg Miskiw, Neville Thurlbeck, James Weatherup.

All 3 NotW editors revealed to have pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing to phone-hacking charges.