4 June 2014


The final curtain is about to fall on what has become known as the 'Phone-hacking Trial', but there is an untold story here...

Several people, most of them journalists, have attended the court each day, to 'live-tweet' and file copy for their newspapers. (Their Twitter names appear to the left of this post.)

One man, Peter Jukes, has skilfully made use of social media (Twitter and his blog) to bring most of the events in court to us, the public.

Peter Jukes
Most of the events, - but not all....

Those reporting the trial could only make public what was seen and heard by the Jury. 
Large gaps in our knowledge remain because the legal arguments between all of the lawyers and the Judge are not reported until a trial is over. In this trial the legal arguments, all the behind-the-scenes verbal wrangling will reveal a great deal....

Soon, the veil will be lifted and the full picture will be revealed for us all to see! 

Today, Peter Jukes announces the details of his NEW book:

 Full and Uncensored 

"If you thought my tweets were interesting - wait till you hear what I couldn't report"    
Peter Jukes, UK Reporter of the Year on Social Media

Everything about the phone hacking trial that couldn't be reported: the backstage manoeuvres, bitter legal fights and personal dramas – the thrills, scoops and insights from one of the most complicated trials in British legal history, and the most high-profile defendants ever to sit in the dock together.
Peter's new book is provisionally titled: The Inside Story of the Hacking Trial.

Find full details of Peter Jukes' latest book and pre-order it HERE.

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