3 June 2014

Phone-hacking Trial - Day 114

Neil Saunders QC, Defence Counsel for Charlie Brooks, begins his closing speech:

Charlie Brooks - image from Sunday Times

Yesterday's full report of events in court, as well as links to articles and information, can be found HERE .

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Today's proceedings begin:
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Neil Saunders QC

Chris Bryant MP - image from E. Standard
Tom Watson MP - image from Guardian
James and Rupert Murdoch  - image from Guardian

Charlie Brooks' friend Chris Palmer with pizza boxes
Rebekah Brooks returning from Lewisham Police station

Lunch Break

William Clegg QC begins his closing speech for the Defence of Mark Hanna:

Mark Hanna, NI Security Chief (suspended) - image from Guardian
William Clegg QC
Deborah Weir (Rebekah Brooks' mother) and Charlie Brooks

Mark Hanna with packages in the underground carpark