6 November 2013

Phone-hacking Trial - Day 8

Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson (image from ctvnews)
Overnight links to media reports:
Background to the 3 tweets from Andy Davies above: 

At the Old Bailey, interrogation of the Prosecution's witnesses and cross-examination by the Defence continues today. 'Live-tweeting' will undoubtedly be intermittent, but factual reports of what the jury have heard may be permissible during the breaks in proceedings: (click on first tweet image to increase size and produce a timeline of them all)
(11:18 a.m.)

This witness, Dean Keyworth, gave his evidence before Kellaway's but reporting restrictions have only now been lifted:
Next witness for the Prosecution:

Lunchtime garnerings:
Lunchbreak over, more written statements from witnesses are being read out to the courtroom:

Next 'live' witness:
An aside:

Image from the Times: 'Scoops Through the Years'
Image From Times: 'Scoops Through the Years'