14 March 2012

Leveson Inquiry: Module 2 - Press/Police - Day 10

Lord Justice Leveson
 "The focus of the Inquiry is ‘the culture, practices and ethics of the press’ in the context of the latter’s relationship with the public, the police and politicians. All of these matters overlap, and my goal must be to consider what lessons, if any, may be learned from past events and what recommendations, if any, should be made for the future, in particular as regards press regulation, governance and other systems of oversight."

Module 2

"The relationship between the press and the police and the extent to which that has operated in the public interest."

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  • From Guardian Live Blog:
10:17 a.m. The inquiry has now begun.
Neil Garnham, QC, for the Met, says he is concerned the inquiry is being used as a "vehicle to settle old scores" by Peter Tickner, who was announced as a witness for tomorrow. He says will make "left-field" allegations against former Met staff including ex-commissioners Lord Blair and Sir Paul Stephenson.
Tickner used to work at the Met and was in charge of internal investigations into fraud and corruption.
Garnham says he wants the opportunity to cross-examine Tickner.
  • 16.47 p.m.
 @sandralaville :
Weeting arrest 51 year old arrested on suspicion of intimidating a witness

@tomsymonds :
     Wednesday, 14th March 2012
     Link to Day 9 HERE

    Today's Witnesses:
    Jeff Edwards ( Crime Reporters Association )
    Sandra Laville ( Guardian )
    Paul Peachey ( Independent )
    Jonathan Ungoed-Thomas ( Times )

    To be Read:
    Mark Hughes ( Daily TelegraphWitness Statement in Full

    In the autumn of 2003, Jeff Edwards, the Daily Mirror’s chief crime correspondent was told by a detective at an informal gathering that they had a “really fantastic” job on the stocks. After approaching several senior friends at New Scotland Yard, Edwards was allowed to be with an undercover squad lying in wait for a gang of robbers to strike at Heathrow.
    Guardian Live Blog HERE

    From Guardian Live Blog:
    Edwards told Newsnight that while he was at the Mirror there was no culture of bribing public officials.
    However, he claimed that while he worked for the News of the World between 1980 and 1985 he was removed from his post as crime correspondent because of his refusal to pay police officers. He alleged:
    Between 1980 and 1985 I was employed at the News of the World as their crime correspondent and I was removed from my post because of my complete and reluctance and refusal to pay police officers. I was told so and someone else was put into it who was prepared to take that action.
    There was always, I thought at the News of the World a culture of underhandness, or corrupt practice.
    Edwards has provided a supplementary statement dealing with his time at News of the World, and evidence from Jacqui Hames

    From Guardian Live Blog:
    Edwards thinks Fedorcio was part of the "spin doctor" era and he "definitely had one eye on trying to influence the media". He adds that Fedorcio concentrated on those papers he thought were more influential.
    "Some organisations, I think News International, possibly Associated Newspapers, he was more keen to engage with than others," he says.

    Sandra Laville   Witness Statement in Full

    Guardian Live Blog HERE

    Guardian Live Blog HERE

    Guardian Live Blog:
    Leveson says there is a "nervousness" in the police and there needs to be a system for contacts that allows access but is not a "free for all".Peachey says there are already matters that journalists cannot access, for example police disciplinary hearings. If communication is restricted further, it woulkd be a worrying trend holding police to account.
    Jonathan Ungoed-Thomas  Witness Statement in Full

    Guardian Live Blog HERE