16 March 2012

Leveson Inquiry Witness Lists: ( Module 2 ) - 19th - 21st March 2012

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Witnesses Appearing in this fourth week of Module 2 (The relationships between the press and the Police and the extent to which that has operated in the public interest.) will be:

Monday, 19th March:

Witnesses appearing:
Dave Harrison ( Retired Criminal Investigator )
Jeremy Lawton ( Daily Star )
James Murray ( Sunday Express )
John Twomey ( Daily Express and Chair of the Crime Reporters Association )

To be Read:
Scott Hesketh ( Daily Star Sunday )

Tuesday, 20th March:

Witnesses appearing:
Adrian Faber ( Wolverhampton Express and Star )
Tim Gordon ( South Wales Echo )
Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe ( MPS )
Justin Penrose ( Sunday Mirror )
Tom Pettifor ( Daily Mirror )
Chief Inspector Sally Seeley ( Head of Press and PR, West Midlands Police )
Chief Constable Chris Sims ( West Midlands Police )

To be read:
Abby Alford ( South Wales Echo )

Wednesday, 21st March:

Witnesses appearing:
Chief Constable Stephen House ( Strathclyde Police )
Catherine Llewellyn ( Press Officer, South Wales Police )
Sean O'Neill ( Times )
Jonathan Russell ( The Herald Scotland )
Rob Shorthouse ( Director of Communications, Strathclyde Police )
Chief Constable Peter Vaughan ( South Wales Police )

To be read:
Mark Thompson

Links to articles, information and comment relevant to the Leveson Inquiry:
Saturday, 17th March:

Via the Daily Beast

James Murdoch

Sunday, 18th March:
Chris Jefferies